Fraud Intelligence Limited

Hello, and welcome to the website of Fraud Intelligence Limited (FIL), a joint venture created by the Risk & Assurance Group, SORAMITSU and Orillion Solutions. FIL is the legal entity responsible for developing and maintaining the RAG Fraud Blockchain, a unique new way of facilitating and automating the exchange of fraud intelligence between providers of electronic communications services. Our approach is unlike any tried before because the businesses that upload fraud intelligence earn the right to download intelligence provided by their peers, as measured using tokens they receive and spend via their interaction with the blockchain. This provides every business the incentive to actively help others combat fraud by expanding the common pool of knowledge but without tolerating free-riders who take without giving back.

The blockchain is cryptographically secure and private to the comms providers who are given access. It is designed to apply crowd-sourcing to evaluate the quality of all intelligence shared. Most businesses will begin by using the web portal to manually add and retrieve intelligence but we expect users will soon want to migrate to the automated upload and download of data to and from their fraud management systems, as enabled by our API and facilitated by vendors who have developed interfaces between the blockchain and some of the most popular fraud systems on the market.

The RAG Fraud Blockchain represents the goals of the Risk & Assurance Group put into action. Collaboration in the fight against fraud needs to be more than a slogan; we have to make it happen in practice. There have been many excuses for why telcos have not helped each other reduce fraud, including fear of being locked into proprietary systems or because they do not want to be charged just for the right to give their intelligence to others. This blockchain offers a solution to those problems.

The Risk & Assurance Group has partnered with two fine businesses on this venture. SORAMITSU are both experts and pioneers of distributed ledger technology. They have an impressive track record that involves working with central banks and other financial institutions that expect the highest levels of integrity. Orillion Solutions is an innovative software company with a deep understanding of the telecoms industry and the frauds suffered by telcos and their customers. The RAG Fraud Blockchain also represents a considerable investment by SORAMITSU and Orillion. Bringing them together as joint stakeholders of FIL underlines the seriousness of a venture that is unashamedly seeking to make a vital breakthrough in how businesses collaborate against crime. If you have not done so already, please follow the links to launch the web portal and become part of the growing number of communications providers who are committed to working together.

Eric Priezkalns,
Chief Executive of the Risk & Assurance Group